Do what we can!  

Speaking of Indonesia, it will be in our mind that this nation is a nation of multi culture and multi-ethnic.

With the multi-cultural and ethnic automatically desire and willingness of each group automatically will be different. Along with the fact that there will need leaders who are able cocoon nations and accommodate the aspirations of ethnic and cultural groups that exist.

Indeed not easy for a leader to accommodate all cocoon and the desire and willingness of each group. But for a national leader he should be able to do for everything for the sake of this nation the most.

Role as part of our culture and ethnicity of this nation, should have the awareness that is not too high so that the private self. Do not do anarkisme, separatism when the desire and expectation by not realisation leader or ruler. Can be hope and desire is very urgent and important time for us, but we must willing for the sake of the nation and the National State.

Willing high and must also be owned by the leaders of this nation, so that people do not know the valley of poverty and suffering because egoistic, while the leaders and the authorities who had pledged during the campaign to prosperous now people will forget his promise, and policy - decided that the policy did not stand up for people who prefer it.

Towards the democratic party of this nation, now promises talking sweetly many exxit the legislative candidates, many resources and efforts were sad to coax people vote for the pan on the election later. Various ways on the road and do, may also have been among of whether or not the lawful or unlawful, and no longer a true guide, it is important that he win.

If the kind of power sharing and the effort made by a legislative candidate, and the way that care is no longer do lawful and unlawful, good and true, then we should have as voters to be more selective and do not support those who are like this.

Do not feel that because the group, family, and friend so that any such support even though he will ignore the principle has been lawful and forbidden, good and true.

This is part of the culture and ethnicity in this country, we are also not due to golput (the white) alias does not choose, because our voice is determine future changes in the nation. Be the nation that have not only follow the decisions of others.

Do what can we do to not stand by the people fighting.

This nation needs leaders who are ready to sacrifice for the nation and the country's leaders not ask for sacrifice from the people.

This nation needs leaders who not only important but herself interest of people nationally who give priority to.

This nation needs leaders who are ready to lift the suffering of the people is not the suffering of the people.

This also requires those smart, clever and not true of those who smart and clever but not true.

If this year the nation has leaders who are ready to sacrifice for the nation and his state, many important people, intelligent, smart and correct, then not long this nation will become a nation of great and prosperous nation and that will be respected, valued and patriarch of the nations other.

Respected, appreciated and not being considered because of the strength of the military and the war, the fleet modern, not because egoistic the leaders and people, but respected, valued and being considered because the culture and behavior of the nation ought to be respected in the esteem and.

Hopefully the bloger nation this is the part of agents who are able to provide changes in the contrib degrees and dignity of this nation so that the nation is respected, valued and be respected by other nations.

Let's do the best for this nation in accordance with the professional ability and to each of us together for the sake of progress of this nation in a national leadership that aligned to the interests of the people.


Reflection for Husband  

O the husband ....
What burdenned servant of God, to smile at your wife before you go meet time beloved wife, so that you reach a reward from God!

What burdenned a certain kind of face to glow when you see your wife and children?!

What difficult servant of God, to embrace your wife, kiss colored and make themselves at you about?!

What burdenned to lift mouthful of rice and put in the mouth of the wife, so you get a reward?!

Including whether hard, if you enter a house with regards to complete: "Assalamu alaikum` Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh "so good of you to reach 30?!

What burdenned, if you say string of words that a good groove my darling, although a bit forced, and the fabrication that allowed?!

Ask your wife in the situation when you go home!

What burdenned, if you say to the women at the house entrance: "Ohh My Darling, since the exit of i m here, from morning until now, likes a year."

Indeed, if you truly expect a reward from God, even though you are tired and weary, you approach the beloved wife and related agencies, then you get a reward from God, because He said: "And in the seminal fluid someone you have charity."

What burdenned servant of God, if you pray and say: Yes. fix my wife and God bless me, on himself.

Speech is a good meal.
Faces glow and a sweet smile in front of his wife is charity.
Greets some good.
Shake hands mengugurkan sins.
Related agencies to get the reward.

Taken from the book "fiqh association couple" by Syeikh Mushtofa Al Adawi.


Communication and Tongue  

Tongue .... smallest organ of our bodies, but Nahkoda that control the whole of our lives. Depending on how we hold the rudder. If we can not controled, destroyed all our lives. One source of water that can radiate the love and bitter.

Tongue ... six letters, but has the impact of a very radical. He can be hurt, he can also bless people with the words soft. He can make people cry, he can also make people smile. He can kill, he can also reconcile. He can cause a conflict, he can also bond.

Tongue ... because he, not the friendship bulding well be destroyed with a misunderstanding. Because of him, a pair of lovers separated decided by egoism and lack of understanding of each other. Because he was also, the couple did not hold the firm commitment of life finally decide separated. Because of him, the youth fall in the hole destruction. Because of him, the two tribes can contend only triggered one person only. Because of him, two countries that can be broken pieces.

Tongue ... he can make people become angry, slander, murder, self-absorbed, can not understand the people, win their own, indifferent, scornful, envy and resentment. But it also makes the tongue of the heart to be destroyed by freezing, the heart filled with anger that can be dissolved by the words of wisdom,

But sometimes people ignore the importance of communication. They never think the impact that occurs when a word is out of their mouth. Tongue treasures that can be issued if both are controlled by the Nahkoda wise as well. On the tongue, removing the treasures that can be painful if it is in the hands of the Nahkoda mind bad.

Communication with the building can be a good end of a very beatify and relieve thirst in the heart. Two man who can wrangle together because of the words that come out of a soft wise. A pair of lovers who can wrangle back together because of a man who reconcile, although the man is like one of them. Countries that already separate can be united because of the wise words of the diplomat.

Tongue, the tongue is a good friend who wants to happy, and want to destroy friendship even though it is at the end of the horn; tongue trying he darling that can come back on it, although there is not that you can do; tongue friend who want to smile back even though he was disappointed in it and do not want to hurt. Tongue, the tongue is a good feel for who is always another person, even though he wound he feeling.
Be tonguelike bless the people in the your round, Nahkoda that make people smile, Nahkoda that tranquility and peace.